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 | Craft & Resale Shop | Swimming Pool | Exercise/Fitness Area

 Craft & Resale Shop
All proceeds support the PrimeLife Enrichment Center!

  • Vintage and antique treasures from grandma's attic
  • Fashionable & semi-fashionable clothing from people who didn't stick to their diets
  • Furniture the decorator rejected but you'll love
  • Original crafts, needlework and artwork lovingly created by talented folks who believe in the mission of PLE


    Indoor Exercise Pool   

  • Pool is kept at a relaxing 87° temperature, enclosure  at 88° 
  • Pool is 4' 6" at deepest point; 3' 6? at shallow end
  • When open, the pool is manually tested three times daily for chemical balance; balance is electronically monitored & adjusted 24 hours a day
  • Pool water is tested & evaluated by an independent laboratory each week 
  • Pool is cleaned daily
  • Hamilton County Board of Health inspection reports may be viewed upon request
  • Instructors are trained in CPR, and are certified life guards or have completed a water safety course in addition to aquatics exercise training.
  • We are certified by the Arthritis Foundation to provide classes designed specifically for those with arthritis

 Exercise/Fitness Area

  • Indoor Walking Track is 1/12 of a mile, and is surfaced with vinyl covering over 1/4" rubber
  • Fitness equipment features cardio and circuit training Bob Block equipment, as well as free weights
  • Optiman Aging Specialist is available on-site for equipment instruction