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How is PrimeLife funded?
PrimeLife is proud to qualify for support from United Way of Central Indiana.  We also receive funds through CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions, in the form of federal and state grants. Hamilton County government and some municipalities in the county also contribute and the agency conducts its own fund raising campaigns and special events. Client fees are another important source of revenue.

Does PLE accept donations?
Yes. We also depend on donations from generous individuals, community organizations and grants from charitable foundations to allow us to continue to enhance our program services.  Click here to donate today!

Who qualifies for services?
Hamilton County residents aged fifty or older qualify for all agency services. Senior Activities are available to any individual aged twenty-one and older, regardless of county of residence.

What are the membership fees?
Our fees are always kept as low as possible, and a reduced or waived fee can usually be arranged for those who are unable to pay.  In addition, hours of volunteer service earn credits for membership fees.   Click here for all membership information.

What are the costs for PLE's services?
Most of our services are offered without charge.  For others, modest fees are sometimes necessary to enable us to provide the service. A reduced or waived fee can usually be arranged for those who are unable to pay, and some other sources of funding are available for those who qualify.

Another source we use to help support our services and center is the Resale/Craft Store .  Your patronage and donations to this shop would be greatly appreciated!