Social Services

PLE connects you with the community resources you need.

We help connect you with the resources and support you need to navigate the ups and downs of life as an older adult.

Connecting You With Community-Based Resources

  • PLE has cooperates with a network of community-based resources offering support for the seniors, including public and private providers of:
    • In-home services;
    • Free and low-cost medical and dental services;
    • Free and low-cost meals for the food insecure;
    • Support groups;
    • Alzheimer’s and dementia support;
    • Financial support for emergency situations;
    • Legal services; and
    • Eviction and homelessness support.
  • We start with an initial assessment to evaluate your specific needs and then make recommendations appropriate for you situation including:
    • Services provided by PrimeLife directly;
    • Services provided by other social agencies; and
    • Services provided by others in the community.

Social Programs Offered by PrimeLife

Friendly Visitors

  • Friendly Visitors are PLE volunteers that provide companionship and socialization to seniors living alone without a caregiver.
  • We endeavor to pair each Friendly Visitor with a senior with whom they will hopefully form a friendly connection.
  • PLE Friendly Visitors’ activities include:
    • Visiting, reading aloud, and playing games;
    • Engaging in hobbies, listening to music, and watching television;
    • Running errands like short grocery or pharmacy trips;
    • Preparing light meals and cleaning up dishes; and
    • Light housework.

Dementia Caregiver Support Group

  • PrimeLife has partnered with the Alzheimer’s Association to provide a caregiver support group for those who have loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease/dementia or some other type of illness.
  • Caregiver support group meets the second Wednesday of each month at 10:00 a.m. at PLE and is free and open to the public.
  • Educational materials provided by the Alzheimer’s Association are available at no cost to support participants.
  • It is not mandatory that everyone contributes in the open discussion.  Participants may choose to simply listen to other participants.

“PrimeLife is a great place to meet people, take a fitness class, join a club or even volunteer!
It is the place to be for active seniors.” Sandra F,