Monday through Friday:
8 am to 3 pm


Special Dates:
July 10:   Carmel Fire Dept Cook out!

Lunch & Learns:
July 17:  Independent Adult Day
July 24:  Elvis in the House!
July 31:  Burn Prevention
– Ascension St. V

Memory Café:
July 12:  Music sponsored by The Barrington
July 19:  Golden Girls Reading – Episode “Blanche Dates a Younger Man”
July 31:  Therapeutic Activity sponsored by The Barrington

PrimeLife wishes to thank all of our community stakeholders including Hamilton County, the City of Carmel, IU Health, CICOA, United Way of Central Indiana, Allied Solutions, the Lumina Foundation, CICF/HCCF, the Current Newspaper, and the many volunteers who support PrimeLife Enrichment and the senior citizens we serve. We welcome any efforts to increase funding for the services we provide, as well as to increase our membership.