PLE provides fitness facilities and group classes that promote your health and longevity.

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Fitness Facilities

  • Indoor walking track – 1/12th of a mile and cushioned for comfort and safety
  • Fitness Equipment  – comprehensive circuit training with state-of-the-art pneumatic resistance/weight machines, treadmills, stationary recumbent bikes, elliptical machines (both seated and standing), and a variety of other fitness equipment
  • Available to members during business hours
  • Orientation on fitness machines required before use

Aquatic Fitness Program

  • Conducted in heated pool (87-89 degrees)
  • Includes a wide range of classes for the beginner to the advanced participant
  • Great for those who cannot exercise on land
  • Arthritis Foundation aquatic classes available everyday
  • Open pool on multiple days

Land Fitness Classes

  • Conducted on cushioned floor for comfort and safety
  • Classes include balance, toning, strength, flexibility, aerobic and dance fitness
  • Arthritis Foundation land classes held twice weekly
  • Revel Fitness Program – Zumba, LaBlast, Pound, Shine and other dance/aerobic fitness and strength building programs and includes evening and weekend classes


  • All instructors certified in their specific modalities

“Great environment. Everything is clean.”