We offer door-to-door, non-emergency transportation to any Hamilton County resident fifty years of age or older.

All of our vans are wheelchair accessible.  To schedule transportation, please call the PLE Transportation Coordinator at 317-815-7000 (ext. 205).  As the service is in great demand, it’s best to call at least one week ahead.  We will do our best to accommodate your request.  A brief individual assessment must be completed (by phone) before transportation is scheduled for the first time.

Our Transportation Program is partially funded by:

PrimeLife Enrichment Transportation

Transportation call center hours are 8:00 am to 3:00 pm weekdays.
The fastest way to reach us: 317-815-7000 Press 9
If you leave a message after 3:00 pm, we may not receive it until the following business day.
Please note: if you leave a message after 3:00 pm on Friday, we will listen to those messages on Monday.

If your call goes to a voicemail, we are on the line helping someone else, so please leave a message with
pertinent information:
– First and Last Name of rider and if any spouse or caregiver is riding with them
– Date and Time of appointment
– Expected duration of your appointment
– Name and address of location you wish to be taken to; please include entrance or building number
Example: Dr. Smith, 317-555-5555, IU North Hospital, Entrance 5, 11700 N Meridian Street, Carmel, IN 46032
– Any additional details about your ambulatory needs; wheelchair (including size), walker, cane, etc. will help us serve you better.

We return calls in the order in which they are received and that is how we prioritize reservations.
Our phone system has been updated, so leaving one message is sufficient for us to return your call within one or two business days.
Everyone’s time is valuable and we realize that doctors appointments can change quickly, but in order to accommodate each trip request, we simply must have a week’s notice.
We may occasionally be able to accommodate last-minute requests, however, please give us as much advance
notice as possible.

We understand that appointment dates can change; however, PLEASE GIVE US 24 HOUR NOTICE for all changes and cancellations. Our routes are designed for each van to use optimum time during each day, and cancellations and changes may take away time that we could have used to give someone else a ride. You will be charged a
cancellation fee of $10 if you cancel without 24 hour notice, unless there are extremely extenuating circumstances.
Repeated cancellations without required notice, even with extenuating circumstances, may result in suspension
of transportation services temporarily or permanently.

We do our best to accommodate everyone’s request, but please remember that there are many moving parts to this process and numerous items that factor into our scheduling.
Please be flexible and allow a 10-minute window before and after your scheduled pick-up time.

*please note: essential trips include doctor appointments, grocery and pharmacy

For ESSENTIAL TRIPS* Trips less than 8 miles from client’s home:
No charge for clients 60+ – Donation ($10 round trip) appreciated
Clients less than 60 years of age pays $10 round trip
Trips more than 8 miles from client’s home: $10 round trip, regardless of age

For NON-Essential Trips :
Trips under 8 miles from client’s home are $10 round trip.
Trips over 8 miles from client’s home are $16 round trip.
For Military Veterans with appointment at the VA Hospital in Indianapolis or Brownsburg there
is a flat fee of $10 round trip.
All above are regardless of age

“Thanks for your help and consideration with all my transportation needs.”

“Thank you so much for all  you do – it is much appreciated.”

“Your drivers are wonderful! Thank you.”

Our Drivers

Bud France

Tim Gallagher

George Billeisen

Mike Mathews

Bob Morris

Brent Hartman

John Perkon

Drivers Not Pictured:  Rich Arends, Dianne Beardsley, Phil Hagen, Charlie Hanover, Doug Holtz, Dave Koch, and Philip Sowders