Mission and Vision

Mission – Our mission is to help seniors lead active, independent and purposeful lives by providing access to clinical and social determinants of health.

Vision – PrimeLife Enrichment, Inc. will be recognized in Central Indiana as a pioneering force in providing seniors access to social and clinical determinants of health as they strive to remain in their homes and lead healthy, active and productive lives.

Core Values

Stewardship: Our fiduciary responsibility is to use our financial and human resources to deliver services that are effective, accessible and affordable.

Gratitude: It is an honor to serve our seniors, especially those who are struggling.

Innovation: We continuously strive to discover and develop ways to meet evolving needs of a growing demographic.

Respect: Every senior we serve has intrinsic value and deserves respect.

Opportunity: Seniors are valuable community assets and should be able to share their wisdom and creative expression for the benefit of all.

Non-discrimination: We will promote a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment for all members, clients, staff and guests.

Grant Providers

Our Directors

Marcia Claerbout, President

Melody Cockrum, Vice President

Howard May, Treasurer

Suzanne Marks, Secretary

Stephen Gross, Past President

Michael Bratcher

Randy Gomez

Becky Henn

Dan Overbeck

Linda Ramey-Greiwe

Sarah Schlifke

Our Sponsors and Partners

“I think PrimeLife is a great place to exercise, meet friends, and volunteer! I love what they do by driving people to appointments, the grocery store, and the center.  I love the kindness of the people who run it, too!”